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Look of the Week – “Hot Petunias Boutique”


My hectic schedule and the ongoing rain has kept me from getting the most out of my blog photos. I usually love incorporating the right background to capture the tone and vibe of my outfit but this will have to do for now.

Any who, check out my boutique finds from Hot Petunias Boutique

I’m loving the neutral tone and funky animal prints. As you know I’m a bargain shopper and love trendy treasures that aren’t available at your everyday mall stores! So boutique shopping is always the way to go when searching for unique pieces.

Here I’m wearing some wide leg cork brown pants paired with a adorable olive green ruffled blouse. It’s the perfect ensemble to combine some wacky prints and bold accessories.IMG_0306IMG_0305

I even threw on this neon green animal print scarf to act as an accent. Of course a blazer would be a killer addition to this look, but I just got a new tattoo and trying to put on a long sleeve was just not an option lol! I’m sure you fashionista’s can use your imaginations.

IMG_0303 IMG_0299  

Shop this look now at Hot Petunias Boutique online or in store and $AVE 10% with my code “CWT10“.

Blouse  $38 -Hot Petunias Boutique

Pants $28 - Hot Petunias Boutique

Bag $120 - Nordstroms Rack

Shoes $30 - CharlotteRusse


Blogger Guest Post By: Makaela from Makaela’s Suitcase

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Open When Letters:

By Makaela from Makaela’s Suitcase

bday1 prom-makeup-done-by-clinque-at-a-department-store

Makaela’s blog features an array of topics, ranging from fashion, music and literature. Growing up in a military family allowed her to travel the world! Literally, she has traveled to over 45 countries! So enjoy this post as Makaela offers you ladies and gentlemen an affordable and cute DIY gift idea for this Valentine’s Day!


I accidently found this idea from Pinterest around a year ago and loved the idea, but alas at the time I didn’t have a special someone. So when I finally did, I decided to try out this idea especially because it’s a long distance relationship. My boyfriend loved this idea so I’m glad I took the chance to try it out! The idea is to write letters or fill the envelope with fun and sexy activities! For some help, I listed some of the “open when” ideas and what ideas to put in the envelope. Remember have fun and let your imagination run wild!

Open when….

1.)    You need to know how much I love you

2.)    You’re feeling down

3.)    You need to see me

4.)    You’re angry

5.)    You’re bored

6.)    You miss me

7.)    You want to laugh

8.)    You’re thinking of me

love-letters valentines-day-2011-very-sexy-garter-1-victorias-secret-hi-res

Ideas to put in the envelopes:

1.)    Sexy photos

2.)    Love letter

3.)    Gift card

4.)    Concert/Sport Game Tickets

5.)    A fun quiz

6.)    Encouragement letter /quotes

7.)    Free massage/Kisses etc.

8.)    Mixed CD with your favorite songs

Comment and let us know what you’re getting that special someone this Valentine’s Day…

What would you put in your open letter?


Tuesday’s Trends – Flannel Fantastic

DSCN1358 DSCN1356

Today’s look was simple and casual. Sometimes that’s how us girls like to be. Everyday cant be heels and dolled up…wait I guess if we really tried it could…but who has time for that! LOL Here I’m in a cute flannel dress from H&M and black ankle combat boots from ALDO!

The dress appears a tad bit shorter than it really is. Having my hands up really created an illusion! Oops…

DSCN1360 DSCN1362

Just having fun and enjoying this beautiful weather! Is it just me or as a fashion blogger do you love finding locations that are rustic, run down and or abandoned?

DSCN1366 DSCN1357


I should have worn my hair up huh?

As always comment and share your thoughts and links!


DIY Project – Home Decor Edition


Yes, it’s long over due. As much as I enjoy fashion, interior design is perhaps just as much or even more of an addiction. It’s a great way to let your creative side flow and it adds so much character to your home!

So for this project I took two old run down wood pieces (one desk and one side drawer table) and transformed their appearance! Below you will see a simple step by step tutorial on what I used and how I reached my final product!

Here are the materials I used. I had my electric sander, face mask, gloves, sand paper (60 grit for stripping and 220 grit for a smooth finish), pain roller, two paint brushes, paint mixer sticks and lastly two cans of paint. I initially wasn’t sure which color I was going to go with. I was debating on either Classic Black with a gloss finish or the Colonial Red with a gloss finish. I think you can tell which color I decided on! I chose to be daring and have a little fun with the Colonial Red!

Note: I did purchase 4 new hardware pieces from Cost Plus World Market to add some  character. Below you’ll see a close up of each!

CAM00311 - CopyLets get started: You first want to remove all drawers and hardware (aka knobs).

CAM00314 - CopyOnce you’ve done that,  you can start sanding your piece. It’s best to sand with 60 grit, to remove any existing paint, stain or preexisting treatment on the surface.  Make sure to always finish sanding with 220 grit to ensure a smooth finish! There are a few different grit sand papers you can purchase. Select what works best for the look your trying to achieve, while considering the current state of the original item.

CAM00312 - CopyCAM00318 - Copy 

I use a face mask and glasses to avoid the sand particles and chemicals that can be found in old pieces of wood.

CAM00317 - Copy CAM00325

Once you reached your desired stripping level, you can start painting! Make sure to clean the surface off, get every nook and cranny of all excess dust! If you don’t, you’ll end up with a lumpy coat of paint. It ruins the piece, your canned paint and brush.

CAM00320After two coats of paint here is the final look!

CAM00331The top knobs are the new hardware I got from Cost Plus World Market! They’re just darling!


I actually love the original gold rustic knobs, so I re-used them with the finish look!

CAM00336CAM00339CAM00346So I hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial on how to refinish an old unwanted piece of furniture into a new beautiful unique item you can cherish for years to come!

Do you love HGTV or DIY Network?


Tuesday’s Trends – Maroon Madness


I love the Fall season because it captures some of the richest color tones that any season has to offer. Earth tones like maroon, shades of orange and brown and an array of green really get me inspired. This look caters to the red family with solid maroon and hints of mild orange.


Such a cute floral pattern and I love that the sweater is somewhat a midriff. I had to pair it with some trendy high rise skinny jeans to hide those unspeakable creatures called “love handles”!


I was lucky that my heels matched EXACTLY with my entire out fit. Lastly I threw in one of my favorite bags (my black bronze studded Hobo bag)


Sweater and Skinny Jeans – Forever XXI -

Shoes – Boutique find

Bag – Hobo Last Call Neiman Marcus -


XMas Fur Fetish

Its been awhile since I’ve posted and I didn’t want one of my favorite seasons to pass with out sharing some of my fashoinable looks for the holidays.

Christmas is full of wonder and glamour. So of course in regards to fashion, fur is not only weather appropriate but the epitome of glamour.  So these two looks show how I incorporated fur (faux fur to be exact) into some of my X-Mas holiday OOTD.


Here I was in “Sin City” Las Vegas to see Jay Z on his Magna Carter World Tour! I wore a beautiful lush brown faux fur vest with my new favorite black Fedora hat, 4 inch black ankle boots, white boho blouse and sexy skin tight black shiny leggings to pull the look together.

CAM00111 CAM00113

For this look, I’m on my way to do some last minute (and I mean last minute) X-Mas shopping. Again the fur vest adds a little glam and trendiness to your attire. I love denim so this neutral tone fur vest meshed well, while the brown leather knee high boots completed the look. I almost felt like a cow girl but the idea was to appear festive with the holiday spirit.

How do yo feel about rocking fur?

Its not for everybody but it sure looks hot if you can rock it right. 



Blogger Guest Post By, Elana Pruitt

Elana Pruitt a Los Angeles native, is a savvy, sale-hunting blogger for the past six years at “Good Girl Gone Shopping.” She’s also the fashion columnist for Agenda Magazine and considers herself a totally legit social media-obsessed “talkaholic” at Firm Media, where she proudly wears the hat of social media coordinator. With a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from CSU, Fullerton, according to Elana, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

0162c3b0eacc41c70dfb2ecace223d477a41b20ad1Fun Elana out in Hollywood

Top 7 Business Tips to Consider (Like Seriously)

Ummm…yeah. I’ve totally made a few bonehead moves along the way. Since graduating college in 2004 until now, my triumphs have outweighed my flubs. But if I could take back some of my mistakes, I would! But I can’t. Life just doesn’t work like that. What I can do instead is share some insight that I believe could help you out. My 7 tips are not industry-specific; they are universal tips to seriously consider. They are each based off of my own screw-ups as well as my own successes:

(1) Dress for the job you want, not the one that you wanna quit. I’ve gone through the years always keeping a version of this in the back of my mind. It’s easy to get in a slump and get so comfortable in your position that you might as well just wear pajamas to work! I’ve never gotten to that point, but I do believe that there is power in dressing with more of an authority-like vibe. Invest in a cute blazer or jacket and a pair of heels to wear with your jeans on a casual Friday. Never know, your boss may very well turn to you as the associate to accompany him or her to the company meeting…versus your cubicle mate who always pairs sweatshirts with jeans and Chuck’s on a casual Friday. How you take care of yourself is very powerful! (Freelancers out there: You never know where you need to go in between assignments, and yeah…PJs in public are just a no-go.)

Elana - work pic

(2) Do your research first. Have you ever shown up to a meeting without researching the topic (which you knew beforehand would be discussed)? What about attending a fashion show and having no clue as to which designer’s collection will grace the runway? The last thing you ever want to do is get a question from a colleague that you can’t answer or come face-to-face with a competitor fashion reporter (hmph!) who is testing you with questions, and all you have is “I don’t know.” Don’t purposely put yourself in an awkward situation. A few minutes of research can be life-saving.

(3) Ask for help. Don’t sit on a problem! Get over feeling embarrassed, silly, or just clueless about a project you need help with. If you need help…ask for it! If you are sitting there, on company time, just hoping the answer will come to you…Ummm…you’re wasting lots of time and it’s just no bueno. I do highly suggest that before you ask someone for assistance, especially, say, your CEO, take a stab at Google and various info-collecting avenues. You gotta at least try to find the info yourself, first.

(4) Proof your emails (even if they stay in-house!) I believe whole-heartedly in typo-free emails. If you are going to compose a lengthy message, then do it correctly. If you aren’t the best speller, no worries! There are tons of spell check programs and I’m sure you have at least one person in your life who is, like, an ace when it comes to proofing copy. Whatever you do, though, try to avoid sending an email that you feel is questionable, could spark a controversial debate, has emotional undertones, or is plain rude if your punctuation and grammar is a mess. What about your personal life? Hey, do what you will! (Especially if it’s toward that dude who deserves it…) But in business, email is basically permanent. Don’t set an attitude or an unjust accusation in stone until you are 100 percent comfortable and confident sending it….and it’s spelled correctly.

(5) Yes, sometimes it IS your fault. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Not only will you feel better acknowledging this, others will enjoy working with you even more. By admitting yous slip-ups, such as missing deadline, could open up more insightful conversations throughout the environment. But, while you can embrace your mistakes and move on, you must learn from them and make sure you don’t continue to repeat history. If you do continue them, then any repercussions after that, will be of no surprise.

(6) Create your own mode of organization. Post-its and reminders everywhere may work for you. Or, rather, a Google Doc spreadsheet may keep your work (and life!) in order. Whatever works for you, do your best to stick to it. You’ll enjoy seeing progress and all that you’ve accomplished thus far, while at the same time, be able to gauge what you haven’t accomplished either. If organizing does not come natural to you, no tears. Just continue figuring out the best way to create order in your routines. And remember, if this is an area you need assistance with…Just ask someone for help! (You may also realize that a personal assistant is the best solution.)

(7) Healthy body, healthy mind. Those who have desk jobs should be especially cautious of what they consume and how much activity they are getting. Do you pack a healthy lunch? Do you bring your gym bag so you can exercise right after work? Is there a water bottle at your desk or a can of soda? It’s amazing the relationship between taking care of our bodies and our minds. When you feel good…feel healthy…you generally show it! Your skin looks better, you have more energy, and you can continue wearing your favorite styles because they still fit.

Make sure to follow and support the fabulous Elana Pruitt at

Please share you comments and how you feel about your current professional state? Do you need a career change?

Model Wars Fashion Show 2013 Recap


I have to say I love what I do. I get to attend amazing events and meet some great and interesting people. This weekend I attended the Model Wars Fashion Show at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. Model Wars is a fashion show competition that incorporates an eclectic array of talent in fashion, music and entertainment. Model Wars is a new fashion event to Arizona, introduced by Terrance Hudson a Chi-town native with a passion for fashion and goal to turn Arizona out! Make sure to check them out on Facebook

Here are a few behind the scene moments I was able to capture. Model Wars offered great sponsors and business entrepreneurs on site, yes indeed it was a great night to network. The event was also filled with music performances, comedians and other live entertainment to give a flip to the standardized fashion show protocol.

Fuji Pics - Model Wars 007 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 008 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 009 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 012 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 016 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 021

Fuji Pics - Model Wars 018 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 019

Fuji Pics - Model Wars 023 Fuji Pics - Model Wars 017

IMG_2091 IMG_2087

IMG_2099 972141_201882319936225_24259715_n IMG_2116

Have you heard of Model Wars? Share your thoughts and comments.

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Blogger Guest Post By, Kelly Schiff

Kelly Schiff is a fashion blogger from Evanston, IL and has a Masters of Music in Jazz studies. Her blog, The Reality Closet celebrates real street style for real women. New outfit posts every day, plus style tips, trend reports, and fashion inspiration!

DSC_0009-2 photo-1image


 Can you believe it? Summer’s almost over and Fall 2013 is upon us. Being the fashionista you are, you’ve no doubt already spent countless hours studying the looks from runways and catalogs, poring over articles on the latest trends, and preparing your shopping list of fall essentials. But before you rush out to the stores, let’s take a moment to go over some shopping tips that will help you make the best use of both your time and money this season.

Part I: Preparation

1) Budget!: Before you do anything else, decide how much you can realistically afford to spend on your fall wardrobe and stick to it. 

2) Clean Out the Closet: Peruse your closet and purge it of worn or poor-fitting items; you’ll never wear them anyway. (And make sure anything that’s still in decent shape goes to charity!)

3) Make a List: Once you’ve done a thorough closet cleaning, make a list of the items you “need” (such as simple basics, work clothes, or items that desperately need replacing) and items you “want” (fun clothes for going out, pricier jewelry, etc). Be realistic about your needs vs. wants and make sure you cross off your “need” items first when you embark on your shopping trip. Keep in mind, however, that your “need” items don’t have make you yawn; they can still be perfectly stylish and reflect the season’s trends.

4) Choose Your Partner Wisely: While it can be fun to shop with a big group of friends, it’s better to choose just one shopping partner for a big seasonal trip. Make sure it’s someone who will not only offer honest opinions, but will also help you stay focused and on budget.

5) Wait: I know, I know – the stores are already stocked full of great fall clothes, and you’re more than ready to go grab them! However, August and September are the worst months to shop for fall items. First of all, it is still summer, and many cities are still experiencing enough hot weather to render any new fall purchases unwearable for at least another four to six weeks. Second, you won’t get any great deals at the height of the season. October is your best friend as most stores will begin to reduce their fall line prices, but there will still be enough inventory on hand to cover your needs.


Part II: Tips for Savvy Shopping

1) Gather Your Coupons: A few days before your trip, start checking online for coupons and other offers at your favorite stores, and plan to have these ready to take with you.

2) Shop Back-to-Front: Most stores, with their beautifully dressed mannequins and artfully laid-out tables showcasing their hottest pieces, are designed to keep you in the front (with all the most current, regular-priced items) as long as possible. Keep your head down and go to the back of the store. Shop the sale and clearance racks first -because you never know what you might be able to cross off your list for a much lower price than what’s in front- then gradually work your way back.

3) Know Where to Invest: No matter how frugal you may be, there will always be certain staples pieces worth spending for. Make sure these are pieces you can wear often and in combination with other items, and be absolutely certain that the item you’re purchasing has the quality and durability to back up its price tag. Some items worth investing in: a great basic shift dress; a classic outerwear piece like a trench or leather jacket; a sturdy everyday bag; and a few pairs of great-fitting boot cut jeans (the one cut that never goes out of style).

4) “Splurge” on Clearance Items: There are times when, no matter how disciplined your shopping methods, you’ll be tempted to splurge on something you don’t need. A budget-friendly way to indulge this impulse is to use the “clearance-rack splurge.” Whenever you’re shopping, never pass up the opportunity to browse a clearance section; you may stumble upon a great find at a killer price. Even if it’s something you don’t have a clear need for or you may only wear a few times, take the opportunity to follow your impulses and just go for it! You’ll feel that wonderful splurging high without blowing your budget.

Got any killer tips and tricks of your own? Feel free to share them. Happy shopping!

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